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Today's common computing hardware - Internet connected desktop PCs and inexpensive, commodity off-the-shelf sensors such as Webcams - is an ideal platform for a worldwide sensor web. IrisNet provides a software infrastructure for this platform that lets users query globally distributed collections of high-bit-rate sensors powerfully and efficietly.

Authoring and deploying sensing services requires addressing a number of challenges related to data acquisition and processing, placement and replication of the sensor data for availability and performance, query processing on the widely distributed sensor data, data integrity and privacy etc. IrisNet aims to provide these generic functionalities as well as a simple programming interface such that the service author can easily write their new sensing services.

IrisNet takes a database centric approach in its design. Service authors specify the new service through a set of XML documents. IrisNet implements service-specific distributed XML databases of the sensor data and provides high level APIs to query and process the sensor data. For more details, please see our publications.

On this web site you can find the code for IrisNet and documentation on how to use it. IrisNet is mostly written in Java and has been proven useful to a number of real systems. If you have a project that needs collecting and querying frequently changing data, give IrisNet a try, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, etc.


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